Established in 2009 by PCF Capital Group, MinesOnline.com is an online platform connecting buyers and sellers of mining projects worldwide. MinesOnline.com has over 4,000 users from over 100 countries, consisting of private and publicly listed mining companies, institutions and high net worth individuals who are actively looking to acquire, invest in and/or farm into mining projects.

MinesOnline.com was set up with the purpose of providing a platform to showcase a portfolio of resource investment opportunities of all types and different stages of development, linking buyers and sellers of resource projects around the world. It provides an efficient avenue for the sale or acquisition of resource projects, from grass root greenfield exploration properties to mature operating mines.

MinesOnline.com exclusively serves the mining sector and provide unparalleled exposure to potential buyers and investors across the globe through active marketing, both virtually and in person at a host of conferences and events worldwide.

Since its 2009 launch, MinesOnline.com in conjunction with its parent company, PCF Capital has facilitated over 100 completed transactions that range from $50k to over $150M in value, with a transaction success rate in excess of 40%. See our Transaction History.

For further information about MinesOnline.com and project listing enquiries contact the team on +61 8 9486 9557 or enquiries@minesonline.com.

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